Made to Mend: Megan Bruneau, M.A., RCC #009

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I think we all wish heartbreak looked like it does in the movies. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

It isn’t reserved for private moments with a bottle of wine and a friend’s shoulder. It’s always there, threatening to surface at any moment. It shows up as a breakdown in the middle of the produce aisle at the sight of a red pepper you’ll never cook with him again. It knocks the wind out of you when you see a man put his hand on the small of a woman’s back at a crosswalk and you realize he’ll never touch you like that again. It drops your heart into the pit of your stomach when department stores start to decorate for Christmas and you’re suddenly very aware that he might be bringing someone new home to his family.

It’s every good song, funny moment, milestone, interesting email, fun fact, accomplishment, adversity, new jar of peanut butter, job opportunity, inside joke, wedding invitation, newborn baby, holiday, cup of coffee, sip of scotch, new outfit or Sunday morning that you’ll never share with your best friend again.

And it disappears in the matter of one sentence.

Heartbreak isn’t some rite of passage set to a romantic soundtrack. It isn’t a sad face on the subway or a bit of distraction at the office. It’s actually one of the most hideous things a human has to endure. It is an all-consuming, nearly fatal, seemingly never-ending grief that won’t let up.

Until one day it does.

My next guest, Megan Bruneau, M.A., RCC, is somewhat of an expert in helping people piece back together a shattered heart. Her willingness to draw on her personal life makes her relatable and her masters in counselling psychology and over 12 years of experience make her incredibly skilled at what she does. She has written honest, hilarious and helpful articles for The Huffington Post and Forbes, and previously hosted the Forbes Failure Factor podcast.

Megan and I cover a lot of ground in this episode, from heartbreak and loss, to Megan’s move to New York City, to psychedelics, perfectionism and the problem with reaching our ‘potential.’

I hope this episode serves as reminder that we’re all in this together 🙂

Made to Make Music: Jordan Hart #008

photo of jordan hart

I first heard Jordan sing when I moved to Toronto back in 2017. I was out exploring my new neighbourhood when the sound of his voice sent chills down my spine. I followed it all the way to a corner on Queen St where he had a crowd of people in a trance. I’ve followed his journey as an artist ever since and I am so pleased I was able to have him as a guest on the show.

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Jordan Hart & Emily Schultz @ Rivoli on Feb 8th

The War of Art by by Steven Pressfield 


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Behind the Music: Clayton Taylor #007

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I had so much fun with my next guest, Clayton Taylor. He currently holds the position of Digital Content Producer at Bell Media in Toronto. He’s also hilarious, animated (you’ll have to take my word for it), and his brain holds more musical knowledge than anyone I know.

I first met Clayton 12 years ago when I took a job at HMV … you know, when CDs were still a thing. He was quick to take me in and show me the ropes of working in a record store, though I don’t think we truly bonded until I awkwardly knocked over an entire display of chocolate oranges in the mall we worked in.

In this episode, Clayton and I discuss the good and bad of social media, whether or not he believes he was made for his job, the common trait he has discovered among successful artists, what happened when he got the chance to interview his favourite band, and a lesson he learned at 17 that he’ll never forget.

I have to ask in advance for your forgiveness on the audio. This was one of the first in-person interviews I recorded and that came with a bit of an equipment malfunction. We had a headset that caused some noise on one of the microphones, but I wasn’t about to hold back from publishing this interview because of it!

I should also note that this is the last episode I’ll be publishing until after New Year’s Day. I hope all of you have a wonderful break. And for those of you who struggle through the Holidays, for whatever reason, I want you to know you are not alone. I will be available from 2-4pm PST on Christmas Day to talk if you need to. Send me a message on Instagram if you want to connect 🙂

I hope you enjoy this episode!


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If you’re an employer looking for your next great hire, head to and enter promo code MADEFORTHAT for a 50% discount for a year with the option to cancel at any time. If you’d like a free trial, you can email the CEO directly at with the subject line MADEFORTHAT.

Made to Move Us: Stu Larsen #006

image of stu larsen

I approached Stu about doing this interview after one of his shows in Toronto. It was the 2nd time I’d seen him perform and I was so blown away by the experience that I knew I needed to find out what makes him, him.

After we recorded this episode I sat in silence for a long time, reflecting on everything we talked about and his life and story as a musician and world traveller. He truly is the sort of person that makes you stop and take a deep breath. His love of creating music and capturing the world around him is so pure, as is the joy he gets out of simply being alive.

I urge you to not only listen to every album he’s made (if you haven’t already), but to every word of this conversation. There is so much beauty and honesty in what he has to say and his perspective and outlook on life just may change your own.


As promised, here is the link for candidates looking to sign up at HiredHippo:

If you’re an employer looking for your next great hire, head to and enter promo code MADEFORTHAT for a 50% discount for a year with the option to cancel at any time. If you’d like a free trial, you can email the CEO directly at with the subject line MADEFORTHAT.

The Enlightened Life: Deidre Sirianni #005

image of deidre sirianni

Meet Deidre Sirianni – Entrepreneur, Business Strategist and overall enlightened human being. Her wisdom and insight has helped so many step into their truth unapologetically, as she puts it.

After going through a painful time in her own life and a period of self-discovery, she found a way to begin again and to live life on her own terms. Now she’s on a mission to help others do the same.  As it turns out, it only takes a few moments with her until that transformation, that shift, begins to happen. How do I know? Because I found myself being incredibly transparent during our conversation and in an unexpected, fearless sort of way. So much so, I said the two words I didn’t think I ever would. And as you’ll soon be able to imagine, publishing this episode wasn’t easy. But, if I expect my guests to be real, raw, or willing to share their stories, I don’t think it’s fair for me to safeguard my own where I see fit.

Here’s to being brave.

Made to Lead: Edwin Frondozo #004

image of edwin frondozo

I sat down with Edwin Frondozo, host of the award-winning Business Leadership Podcast and Chief Product Officer & co-founder at Slingshot VoIP.


It’s safe to say that Edwin’s a busy guy. Not only is he constantly working toward achieving his personal and professional goals, he’s giving back to the entrepreneurial community by acting as an advisor at Startup Canada and facilitating the TechStars startup weekend held for 100+ participants.


In this episode we talk about everything from his morning routine, tips for launching and scaling a podcast, the most common traits among the greatest business leaders, why he runs without music, and more.

Books he recommends:

How to Live a Good Life by Jonathan Fields

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Motivational music (who doesn’t love a throwback?):

I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly

Lose Yourself by Emine

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Life Without Borders: Michael Graziano #003

image of michael graziano

I first met Michael Graziano at Flight Centre Canada's head office in Vancouver, BC (my former place of employment). For three years we sponsored his show, Global Degree, simply because it was one of the most inspiring and entertaining initiatives we'd seen in a long time.

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Welcome to Made for That #001

made for that cover art


What was that thing you dreamt of doing as a kid? That you still dream about now? That feels like it’s just a part of you? You know what I mean. The guitar strings that are simply an extension of your fingers. The code that gets written or the bug that gets fixed before you’ll eat, sleep, or even check the time. The voice that stops someone dead in their tracks, the 100 meters you refuse to let anyone run faster than you or the followers that would be lost without you to lead them.

I want to introduce you to the people that have found their purpose, their calling. Or a fight inside of them they didn’t know was there. I want you to hear about their achievements and their mistakes. The inevitable failures on the path to greatness, how it feels to fall hard and what it means to stand back up… what it means to try again tomorrow.

There is no story I love more than the relentless pursuit of a dream; than the story of someone who looked at something and said, “I was born for this.”

This is made for that.