I first met Michael Graziano at Flight Centre Canada‘s head office in Vancouver, BC (my former place of employment). For three years, we sponsored his show, Global Degree, simply because it was one of the most inspiring and entertaining initiatives we’d seen in a long time.

The concept of the show is both simple and outrageously ambitious – Michael is on a mission to be the youngest North American to travel to every country in the world. His drive to achieve this goal is rooted in his desire to change the education system, hence the name, Global Degree.

He has already made his way to 72 nations, capturing the excitement, and most importantly, the enlightenment that travel brings each of its pursuers. I’ve watched him tear down walls of ignorance, find friends in the unlikeliest of places and fearlessly cross borders some of us wouldn’t even dream of approaching.

michael graziano, global degree

If that isn’t impressive enough, Global Degree has managed to build a social media community of more than 418,000 followers, and their videos have a collective view count of over 35 million.

He is also no stranger to public speaking, with international engagements under his belt that include the impressive Hostelworld Conference held in Dublin, Ireland in 2015.
His ability to unforgivingly forgo society’s standards for education is resulting in a change that our flawed education system desperately needs. His mission is not only share-worthy, it’s revolutionary for today’s youth.
michael graziano
The influence of Global Degree extends far outside the realm of social media – Michael has miraculously managed to penetrate the walls of Harvard University and form an agreement with them that most would have written off as an impossible feat. In short – you can now earn your prestigious post-secondary education while traveling to every country in the world. Don’t believe me? I’ll leave it to Michael to explain…