Are you a shower thinker? Don’t let those thoughts go down the drain! Capturing those genius ideas that always seem to come at the most inopportune times just became a reality with AquaNotes.

waterproof notepad


I saw this waterproof notepad online and I couldn’t resist. My partner and I are both creative people with ideas upon ideas (seriously, we have spreadsheets), so this inexpensive solution was a no-brainer. And yes, it works. In fact, it’s multi-functional – you can leave each other messages and take over the world by never losing your train of thought (unless you have shampoo in your hair, still haven’t figured that one out).

You can snag this for yourself or someone else on Amazon for only $20.00. Now you’ll have no excuses to let those good ideas go to waste!

For the record, one of my favourite shower thoughts is:

“Whenever you copy a huge piece of text on the computer, it feels like holding a massive, unstable power in your mouse until you paste it.” – Courtesy of The Hustle


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