In need of a little motivation? These top 10 inspirational quotes for the entrepreneur are made for that.

turks and caicos

The feeling of being stuck is exactly that, a feeling. It is not your reality unless you accept it as your reality.

You may have a million and one reasons not to make a change, or you may feel that anyone else who has made a change before you must have had an easier time or less standing in the way of their dreams. As soon as you can acknowledge that these are not reasons but excuses, you’ll find the path that will lead you to living a life you love.

The very first step on this path? Stop making excuses. Focus on all the reasons you can, and you will. (Who knows, one day you may even find yourself wading in the waters of Turks & Caicos 😉 ).




Don’t let your future rest in the hands of fate, you have an opportunity right now to create the one you’ve always dreamed of. Show up, be prepared, and take steps every day toward building a life you’re madly in love with.




Waiting for the day that you, your product, or conditions will be perfect to finally go for it? Bad news: it will never come. Good news: now that you can accept that, you can also breathe a sigh of relief. Perfection is not the end game, constant growth and improvement is. Whether you’re hesitating to take the first step or the next one, do it now. A stumble here and there will still help you move forward, standing still will only create more distance between you and your dreams.



In order to change, learn, expand, improve, and grow as people, we must have new experiences.

We must expose ourselves to unseen sights, brand new highs and unfamiliar lows, unmet challenges, lessons we’ve yet to learn and human beings we’ve yet to encounter. And we must do this outside of the geographical/mental/emotional/intellectual safety circle we’ve drawn around ourselves.

YOU are an inhabitant of this earth, so go see it.

YOU have a brain that is capable of taking you incredible places (the ones far past your imposter syndrome), so use it.

YOU have a heart that was made to be broken and repaired and a mind that was made to expand and withstand more than you ever thought possible, so toss fear aside and explore without hesitation.





This is not to say your goal should be to spend all of your days poolside, free from responsibility, commitment, or accountability – these things are valuable to your well-being if you’re responsible/accountable for or committed to the right thing.

Striving to create a lifestyle that fulfills, drives and inspires you will give you purpose. When you have purpose, or a mission in life, you will jump out of bed eager to experience the day ahead (which is the same experience you seek while on vacation).

Traveling to other places will simply become a way of adding variety to your life, instead of a method of escaping the one you’re currently devoting the majority of your time to.



At the intersection of imagination and intelligence you will often find the greatest creations. Don’t discount the importance of giving yourself time to play, no matter your age. Certainly do not dismiss the practicality of an intentional intermission to exercise the soul (otherwise known as recess). These are not futile activities, they are simply life interludes necessary for building beautiful things.