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Made to Move Us: An Interview with Stu Larsen

image of stu larsen
Stu Larsen is a talented musician, known for songs like San Francisco and Thirteen Sad Farewells. He’s also no stranger to sharing the stage with other amazing artists, like Ed Sheeran, The Once and Passenger (you may have seen that little YouTube hit Passenger – Let Her Go that’s been watched more than 2.5 billion times). I approached Stu Larsen about doing this interview after one of his shows in Toronto. It was the 2nd time I’d seen him perform and I was so blown away by the experience that I knew I needed to have him on the podcast to find out what makes him, him. I sat in silence after we recorded this episode and reflected on what I had learned about his life as an artist and world traveler. He truly is the sort of person that makes you stop and take a deep breath. His love of creating music and capturing the world around him is so pure, as is the joy he gets out of simply being alive. I urge you to listen to every album by Stu Larsen and every word of this conversation. There is beauty and honesty in what he has to say and his perspective on life just may change your own. HIREDHIPPO PROMO As promised, here is the link for candidates looking to sign up at HiredHippo: If you’re an employer looking for your next great hire, head to Enter promo code MADEFORTHAT for a 50% discount for a year with the option to cancel at any time. If you’d like a free trial, you can email the CEO directly at with the subject line MADEFORTHAT.
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