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From Grit to Great: An Interview with Fraser Smith, MBPsS

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You have to fall in love with that process first. You have to invest in the dirt, you have to invest in the hard work. You have to love that hard work.

Fraser Smith, MPBsS
Welcome to season 2. My first guest, Fraser Smith, is a psychologist based in Glasgow and the host of a YouTube series called GetPsyched, where he does a deep dive into psychological theory and research all the ways you can apply some very useful principles to better your life.
I loved this conversation. Fraser and I actually recorded this episode in February 2019, but the topics we cover truly have no expiration date. We discuss the concept of grit and our mutual love of Angela Duckworth’s research on the subject, the idea of talent vs hard work, society’s failure to embrace failure, and his own academic hurdles he had to overcome due to dyslexia.
He is a very insightful and very quotable individual – some of what he had to say really stuck with me and I’m willing to bet it will with you as well.
I highly encourage you to follow Fraser’s work. You can find him on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I also recommend reading Grit by Angela Duckworth. 
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